so, hi?

it’s been… a while. as in 4 months since i updated last. whoopsies. updates via bullet form:

  • i finished couch to 5k and promptly got hit with an enormous cold. it manifested itself in my lungs so i wheezed a lot and definitely couldn’t run for over a month.
  • when i could run again i was too lazy to run.
  • i was really discouraged by the lack of weight loss while running.
  • i got sick of being fat and started the dukan diet, which i love. i’ve lost 18.6 pounds since i started on april 23rd. it definitely wasn’t the easiest adjustment to make, but it’s so encouraging. instead of hating the scale, i get on it every morning and am encouraged throughout the day. i still have a long way to go, but i’m really excited by my progress  so far.
  • i’m no longer considered obese on the BMI scale! 29.8. holla!
  • since i have little to no shame, here’s my weight chart:
  • i decided to start running again to supplement my diet and lifestyle change. my brother is doing a marathon in australia (where he lives) in october and is harassing me about running. definitely not running a marathon in 4 months, but figured now was as good of a time as any to start running again.

so today was my first run since february and i anticipated it would super suck. i went to the middle school track near my house and planned on running/walking as i felt necessary. i’m not restarting couch to 5k, but figured that would be a good way to gauge my running ability. the track is like many: 4 loops = a mile. i ran a loop and then walked a loop and thought that walking a full loop was too long. so for the rest of the time i ran one loop, walked 1/2 loop. i ran a total of 7 loops, which is 1.75 miles. it definitely wasn’t as bad as i had thought it would be, which is encouraging.

statstime 52:46; distance 3.12 miles; calories 569; pace 16:53 (max of 9:53); heartrate average 154, max 185.

i’m excited to start running again and getting back into it. and that i don’t have to start c25k from scratch! hope yall are doing well! update me!

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day 27

today’s workout (W9D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

statstime 1:45:25; distance 6.56 miles; calories 1046; pace 16:04 (max of 7:57); heartrate average 145, max 181

thoughts: hallelujah! i completed couch to 5K! it wasn’t easy for this super out of shape kid, but i did it! super pumped, as clipart so obviously conveys. when i started the program, i was definitely emphasizing the couch portion of the title. and now, though i’m not fast or a super awesome runner, i am running 5k distances! i am so incredibly excited.

yeah that's clip art!

thoughts on today’s run: today wasn’t an easy run. apparently my body quite likes the (at least) one day rest between runs, but if i wanted to finish this week, it had to happen this morning because of the impending storm. so i was pretty pokey. don’t care though–no cheating, no worries.

as for the future: i don’t know yet. i know i’ll be working on my speed in the upcoming weeks. i’m looking forward to being off a training plan as i can then do what i feel i need to do. after i feel comfortable with my speed, i think i’ll do the bridge to 10K program. lots to think about, so we’ll see. i’ll definitely keep you updated.

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day 26

today’s workout (W9D2) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

stats: time 58:37; distance 4.18 miles; calories 667; pace 14:01 (max of 9:50); heartrate average 155, max 180

thoughts: not a bad run, but suuuuper hot (okay it was 60*, but i have lots of built-in insulation and it wasn’t comfortable). we’re expecting up to 14″ of snow tomorrow night so i shifted my running plan this week. if we actually get 14″, i’m not going to be able to run for quite a few days. so, i’m going to finish c25k tomorrow morning, barring the storm’s early arrival. i normally have at least one day off between my runs, so i thought it best to keep this run shorter so i don’t die tomorrow.

almost there!

oh, and for another gratuitous photo of my beautiful running route:


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january round up

so today, the last day of january, i thought i’d go through and do a little round-up to see what i’ve done this month.

miles: 58.89 miles–the equivalent of going from my last place in DC to the battle of spotsylvania court house just outside of fredericksburg, virginia.

total time: 14 hours, 5 minutes, 42 seconds–the length of time it would take to watch titanic 4 and 1/3 times.

average pace: 15:44–a little more than the length of fame for talentless nobodies.

total calories: 8,349–a little more than the quadruple bypass burger at the heart attack grill in chandler, arizona.

the miles/time/pace/calories are just for january whereas the weight/inches differences below are from when i started couch to 5k all the way back on november 22nd. i haven’t been good about taking measurements, but wanted to document the difference from the beginning to the (almost) end of c25k. i’ll try to document measurements once per month from here on out to make sure i’m staying on track.

weight difference: zero. nada. zip. zilch. this is really disheartening, but my goal in starting all of this wasn’t just to lose weight, but to become healthier. and the fact that i can run for 45 minutes without stopping makes me happy. while this number may not reflect it, i feel so much better already.

inches difference: waist: -4.5 inches; hips -2 inches; thighs: -1.5 inches; calves: ±0 inches; upper arm:-0.5 inches. woo hoo! this all is very exciting for me and shows that while i’m not losing pounds, there are definitely changes occurring.

so there we have it. january, it’s been real. on to february!

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day 25

today’s workout (W9D1) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

stats: time 1:46:52; distance 7.09 miles; calories 1051 (hot damn!); pace 15:04 (max of 7:51); heartrate average 144, max 182

thoughts: all right! today was definitely a good run–consistently faster than my long runs have been, the longest yet, and it just felt good (except for the nasty first 10 minutes, but those are always awful). i’m finally starting to feel like a runner! hopefully i can continue to speed up and go longer distances! super pumped.

hot damn, indeed!

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day 24

today’s workout (W8D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then go 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes).

stats: time 1:01:17; distance 3.99 miles; calories 666 (eek!); pace 15:58 (max of 6:46); heartrate average 151, max 181

thoughts: holy moly it was cold! they had predicted snow for today, but i went out anyway as it wasn’t supposed to be hard. halfway through it turned into a blizzard with maybe 30 feet visibility and lots of sideways snow. so i turned up the dial and ran home quickly. the run didn’t feel quite as awesome as monday, but certainly better than wednesday.

next week is the last week! so excited.

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day 23

today’s workout (W8D2) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then go 2.75 miles (or 28 minutes).

stats: time 51:02; distance 3.42 miles; calories 549; pace 14:57 (max of 9:44); heartrate average 153, max 182

thoughts: not good. my calves still had a good amount of residual soreness from monday that i just couldn’t shake. it’s also quite warm so i was sore, hot, and generally uncomfortable the whole time. also, i cheated for the first time. i only walked a total of maybe 20 seconds, but the damage is done. i am a cheater.

can’t do anything about it now but plan for friday to be better. oof.

hope y’all had a better workout today than i did.

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