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still humid, still miserable

today’s run was atrocious. i got a cramp about 15 minutes in and it made the rest of my run just awful. i kept having to take walking breaks because it hurt so bad. and i haven’t had a running cramp … Continue reading

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humidity is now my nemesis

good morning! i didn’t go for a run yesterday morning (i was exhausted), so i got up this morning and went. it rained all night so it was insanely humid–way too uncomfortable for a colorado girl. i pretty much thought … Continue reading

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this week

helloooo! i didn’t run at all last week, ewps. the wildfires have made air quality exceptionally poor, so i’ve been hesitant to go out and run lest i have an issue with my asthma. however, i went out monday and … Continue reading

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this morning’s jaunt

stats: time 44:48; distance 3.20; calories 555; pace 13:57 (max of 10:02); heartrate average 167, max 205 (ewps). the hardest part is definitely getting into the routine. once i’ve convinced myself that i’ll go, it’s not so bad. went today with my … Continue reading

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slow and steady

stats: time 43:34; distance 3.11; calories 541; pace 14:03 (max of 9:59); heartrate average 166, max 179. better heartrate numbers + better average pace = i’m happy. this was tuedsay morning (i finally got up early to go!) and i’m … Continue reading

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at least i ran the whole thing?

so i totally failed this past week in running during the week. in my defense, some weird things happened at the house (ie: thursday night/friday in the hospital with my dad) but, otherwise i just suck. i have to figure … Continue reading

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when i was doing the couch to 5k program, i was unemployed, so i didn’t have a real excuse as to not running in the mornings. now that i have a job, i get up between 4:30 and 5 in … Continue reading

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