still humid, still miserable

today’s run was atrocious. i got a cramp about 15 minutes in and it made the rest of my run just awful. i kept having to take walking breaks because it hurt so bad. and i haven’t had a running cramp since i started running! it’s particularly unfortunate considering i was putting in a great run until then.

statstime 47:45; distance 3.36 miles; calories 505; pace 14:12 (max 10:06); heartrate average 153, max 176.

i used mapmyrun after reading a glowing review from hank. i really like it! it captured my pace and shows my splits, which cardiotrainer doesn’t! and i get this snazzy little chart. you can see in the pace chart where things go bad for me right around 15 minutes. i didn’t want to walk at all, but i kept feeling like i was being stabbed right under my ribs, which is not conducive to a good run.

i don’t want to wish the rain away as we so desperately need it, but hopefully it won’t be as humid for a while. i’d love for my sweat to evaporate!


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