humidity is now my nemesis

good morning! i didn’t go for a run yesterday morning (i was exhausted), so i got up this morning and went. it rained all night so it was insanely humid–way too uncomfortable for a colorado girl. i pretty much thought i was going to die throughout the entire run, but i had already committed to running farther than i’ve been and didn’t want to wuss out. i’m glad now, but boy was it a challenge.

stats: time 56:56; distance 4.24 miles; calories 701; pace 13:25; heartrate average 170, max 183.

i am thrilled with the results! it never once felt easy, probably because of the humidity and the fact that my sweat wouldn’t evaporate. but i didn’t realize i had improved my pace so much! a further distance and a faster pace makes me a very, very happy girl. and my heartrate wasn’t much different than it has been! i walked for about two minutes at my turn around point but ran the rest of the time. and to burn 700 calories before 8am is an awesome feeling.

you people in humid climates: how on earth do you run in that? i like my sweat to evaporate and to not feel like i’m swimming while running.

ETA: the reason i don’t have a max pace is that i tried a new app today: runkeeper. it’s okay, but doesn’t let me analyze my pace after i complete the run, which i particularly dislike. cardiotrainer allows you to do that, so i think i’ll return to it.


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