this week


i didn’t run at all last week, ewps. the wildfires have made air quality exceptionally poor, so i’ve been hesitant to go out and run lest i have an issue with my asthma. however, i went out monday and then again this morning. i have plans to go either friday or saturday. unfortunately my phone is having some major issues (reboot cycles from 2am until 5am or so daily), so i haven’t been able to use my cardio trainer app (it shows me my pace and distance, among other things). i stayed on the same path i’ve been going on so i could determine the mileage.


stats: time 44:17; distance 3.10; calories 510; heartrate average 160, max 173.

thoughts: this is getting easier!


stats: time 46:30; distance 3.20; calories 540; heartrate average 158, max 185.

thoughts: since monday was so much easier i decided to work on my glacial pace and do some intervals. holy shit i thought i was going to die. i know these things take time, but i’d like to stop with the 14 minute miles and get to a more respectable pace.


have you had any good runs this week?


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2 Responses to this week

  1. Amanda says:

    I officially started W3, ha. Only been doing this 9 week program since November :/ The good news is that even though it had been two months since I last ran and it made me jump up to 3 minutes (which seems so lame but whatevs), I didn’t cheat. SO, there’s that 🙂

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