at least i ran the whole thing?

so i totally failed this past week in running during the week. in my defense, some weird things happened at the house (ie: thursday night/friday in the hospital with my dad) but, otherwise i just suck. i have to figure something out quickly because i really want to get better at running, which requires i run more. one of the nice things about getting up for work so early is that i naturally get up early on the weekends. 5:30 yesterday! it was nice because i was so well rested and able to get tons of stuff done before noon. i got up and went for a run first thing and only saw 3 other people out (wait until 10am on that path and you can’t spit without hitting someone).

statstime 43:16; distance 3.05 miles; calories 545; pace 14:10 (max of 9:31); heartrate average 172, max 184.

my goal was to run the entire time and keep an eye on my heartrate. after a brief walking warmup, i ran nearly the whole time (with a 30 second walking break at my turnaround point to take a peek at the GPS on my phone). i knew i’d be slow, but i wanted to just run. i accomplished what i set out to do, so i’m happy. i’ll work at getting faster the more i run.

big news! i got fitted for running shoes this week! i went to boulder running company and they did video gait analysis of my running style. as a result, i’m the proud new owner of brooks adrenaline gts 12. they were great yesterday, so hopefully they’ll continue to be so.

even bigger news! i’ve decided i’m going to train to do a half marathon with my brother in october! a number of things may keep me from making the trip to australia and competing in that race, but i’m still going to train for it and be able to run 13.1 on october 14th even if it’s not in the southern hemisphere. i’m really excited! hal higdon’s half marathon plan looks manageable. it’s 12 weeks, which means i have 5 weeks until i need to start it, so i have some time to work on my speed and getting in a little better shape. i may start a few weeks early and extend the plan, but we’ll see.


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2 Responses to at least i ran the whole thing?

  1. Amanda says:

    Good for you! Like I said on Twitter, I really need to get back in the game. Sigh.

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