when i was doing the couch to 5k program, i was unemployed, so i didn’t have a real excuse as to not running in the mornings. now that i have a job, i get up between 4:30 and 5 in the mornings and just cannot imagine getting up any earlier to run. by the time i get home at night, it’s hot and i don’t want to run at all. but i’d rather get up and run than regret not running all the time, so i’ll just have to rearrange my schedule.

my brother’s home from australia for a few weeks and took me with him on his run this morning. he’s faster than i am, so i let him go ahead about 2 miles in, but it was fun and i’m glad he took me!

statstime 47:04; distance 3.05 miles; calories 588; pace 15:24 (max of 8:42); heartrate average 169, max 187.

i ran for a touch over 2 of those miles. definitely felt pushed to run more than i may have, but it felt great. this coming week i’ll just have to get up earlier to go for runs. i really want to get into running. losing weight makes running seem easier than it was before. so i just need to get consistently back into running and start hal higdon’s program. i may be absolutely batshit, but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. and i’m much better once i get on a training program as it pushes me not to cheat and to be sure to get out.

still loving my diet. down 20.8 pounds!


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