so, hi?

it’s been… a while. as in 4 months since i updated last. whoopsies. updates via bullet form:

  • i finished couch to 5k and promptly got hit with an enormous cold. it manifested itself in my lungs so i wheezed a lot and definitely couldn’t run for over a month.
  • when i could run again i was too lazy to run.
  • i was really discouraged by the lack of weight loss while running.
  • i got sick of being fat and started the dukan diet, which i love. i’ve lost 18.6 pounds since i started on april 23rd. it definitely wasn’t the easiest adjustment to make, but it’s so encouraging. instead of hating the scale, i get on it every morning and am encouraged throughout the day. i still have a long way to go, but i’m really excited by my progress  so far.
  • i’m no longer considered obese on the BMI scale! 29.8. holla!
  • since i have little to no shame, here’s my weight chart:
  • i decided to start running again to supplement my diet and lifestyle change. my brother is doing a marathon in australia (where he lives) in october and is harassing me about running. definitely not running a marathon in 4 months, but figured now was as good of a time as any to start running again.

so today was my first run since february and i anticipated it would super suck. i went to the middle school track near my house and planned on running/walking as i felt necessary. i’m not restarting couch to 5k, but figured that would be a good way to gauge my running ability. the track is like many: 4 loops = a mile. i ran a loop and then walked a loop and thought that walking a full loop was too long. so for the rest of the time i ran one loop, walked 1/2 loop. i ran a total of 7 loops, which is 1.75 miles. it definitely wasn’t as bad as i had thought it would be, which is encouraging.

statstime 52:46; distance 3.12 miles; calories 569; pace 16:53 (max of 9:53); heartrate average 154, max 185.

i’m excited to start running again and getting back into it. and that i don’t have to start c25k from scratch! hope yall are doing well! update me!


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