day 27

today’s workout (W9D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk, then jog 3 miles (or 30 minutes).

statstime 1:45:25; distance 6.56 miles; calories 1046; pace 16:04 (max of 7:57); heartrate average 145, max 181

thoughts: hallelujah! i completed couch to 5K! it wasn’t easy for this super out of shape kid, but i did it! super pumped, as clipart so obviously conveys. when i started the program, i was definitely emphasizing the couch portion of the title. and now, though i’m not fast or a super awesome runner, i am running 5k distances! i am so incredibly excited.

yeah that's clip art!

thoughts on today’s run: today wasn’t an easy run. apparently my body quite likes the (at least) one day rest between runs, but if i wanted to finish this week, it had to happen this morning because of the impending storm. so i was pretty pokey. don’t care though–no cheating, no worries.

as for the future: i don’t know yet. i know i’ll be working on my speed in the upcoming weeks. i’m looking forward to being off a training plan as i can then do what i feel i need to do. after i feel comfortable with my speed, i think i’ll do the bridge to 10K program. lots to think about, so we’ll see. i’ll definitely keep you updated.


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One Response to day 27

  1. shylyassertive says:

    Great job! How about you come out to Chicago on March 25th and run the Shamrock Shuffle with us? It’ll be fun. 🙂

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