january round up

so today, the last day of january, i thought i’d go through and do a little round-up to see what i’ve done this month.

miles: 58.89 miles–the equivalent of going from my last place in DC to the battle of spotsylvania court house just outside of fredericksburg, virginia.

total time: 14 hours, 5 minutes, 42 seconds–the length of time it would take to watch titanic 4 and 1/3 times.

average pace: 15:44–a little more than the length of fame for talentless nobodies.

total calories: 8,349–a little more than the quadruple bypass burger at the heart attack grill in chandler, arizona.

the miles/time/pace/calories are just for january whereas the weight/inches differences below are from when i started couch to 5k all the way back on november 22nd. i haven’t been good about taking measurements, but wanted to document the difference from the beginning to the (almost) end of c25k. i’ll try to document measurements once per month from here on out to make sure i’m staying on track.

weight difference: zero. nada. zip. zilch. this is really disheartening, but my goal in starting all of this wasn’t just to lose weight, but to become healthier. and the fact that i can run for 45 minutes without stopping makes me happy. while this number may not reflect it, i feel so much better already.

inches difference: waist: -4.5 inches; hips -2 inches; thighs: -1.5 inches; calves: ±0 inches; upper arm:-0.5 inches. woo hoo! this all is very exciting for me and shows that while i’m not losing pounds, there are definitely changes occurring.

so there we have it. january, it’s been real. on to february!


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