day 21

today’s workout (W7D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then jog 25 minutes.

stats: time 1:11:18; distance 4.23 miles; calories 728; pace 16:49 (max of 10:12); heartrate average 149, max 180

thoughts: today sucked. i have been going one of three general areas for my runs–the path that i drive to that takes me to our lake, the streets around my house, and the dirt trail system, which splits into three separate paths. early in the c25k program, i had been doing the dirt trails. i loved them and they gave me several different routes of varying difficulty. i stopped using them, however, because they don’t do well in the snow. this morning i thought i’d try them again since we haven’t had much snow this week and it’s been quite sunny and warm. big mistake. it was covered in ice and where it wasn’t, the trail had frozen and was really rutted. i had to stare at the ground for most of my run to watch for ice and had to slow to a walk several times because it was just too icy. i could never really get into my running groove because i had to keep walking and because it was just uncomfortable on my joints. not every day can be as awesome as monday was, but i just hope not too many days are like today. definitely going to stay off this path for the foreseeable future. yuck.

next week: start of 2.8 mile runs.


ice hill of doom.


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