day 20

today’s workout (W7D2) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then jog 25 minutes.

stats: time 1:41:04; distance 6.10 miles; calories 968; pace 16:40 (max of 6:29); heartrate average 143, max 182

thoughts: definitely didn’t feel as good or as easy as monday, but i was able to do it again, so i’m happy! my running pace was around 13/mile. still slow as a snail, but i’ll start working on speeding up post-c25k. i’m definitely loving these huge calorie-burners, though!

additionally, i’ve still not lost any weight. inches yes, pounds no. my friend MEB (who is a super runner and fit girl extraordinaire) told me that it’s not about the weight but how you feel. i certainly feel better, but i absolutely need to lose some significant weight. since running isn’t helping in that regard, it’s time to buckle down and eat better. i’m searching for a good methodology to do that (more complex than “eat less than you burn”) and am open to suggestions. reading dukan’s book right now and it seems promising. anyone have any suggestions? i’m sure as shit not doing any cleanses. this isn’t a diet but a lifestyle change, so no gimmicks please.



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