day 19

today’s workout (W7D1) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then jog 25 minutes.

stats: time 1:43:00; distance 6.32 miles; calories 971; pace 16:18 (max of 6:38!!!); heartrate average 142, max 183

thoughts: WOO HOO! today was a huge triumph for me! now that i’m in the homestretch i have to focus on distance more than time. c25k bases their times on a 10 minute pace, which i’m not at yet. so while today was scheduled to be a 25 minute run, i ended up running about 35 minutes at an average of a 13 minute pace. at the end, i felt great and that i could keep going forever, so i sped up my last half mile and had a blistering max pace!

i drove to my favorite path and ended up running to the state park where we sail. i just didn’t feel like turning around, hence the much longer distance (that’s a touch more than a 10K!). this was my longest run yet, the prettiest (see below), and i couldn’t be more excited (and tired) right now. while i’m on the program i feel the need to stay on-program and do the exact workouts called for. i’m really looking forward to finishing so that on days like today when i feel like i can run forever, i can just keep going.

why i hate the treadmill:

what met me at the end:

hope yall are doing well!


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2 Responses to day 19

  1. Amanda says:

    GIRL. I am so flipping proud of you!! That is gorgeous! I haven’t gotten brave enough to run outside my neighborhood yet, but I’m excited to eventually branch out and find some fun places to run around here.

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