day 18

today’s workout (W6D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then jog 25 minutes. (note: the actual c25k W6D3 workout calls for a 22 minute run, but the podcast had me do 25. not stressed about it, just noting.)

stats: time 46:38; distance 3.07 miles; calories 486; pace 15:22 (max of 10:30); heartrate average 150, max 179

thoughts: hard to believe i’m 2/3 of the way done! i have a lot to do in the next three weeks, but feeling pretty good about how far i’ve come. i had to stop at one point to cross the road (there were cars coming and i didn’t want to become roadkill), so i guess i kind of cheated, but i added 30 seconds on at the end to make up for it. because i didn’t stop due to being tired, i won’t count it as a cheat.

part of me feels that these long runs are easier–you just go and don’t have to worry about the clock. it’ll be even nicer next week when the podcast isn’t reminding an earlier run from that week to walk. i really felt like i could keep going today, so i’m actually looking forward to amping up in the next few weeks.

as the training progresses, c25k puts more of an emphasis on distance than on time, so i think i’ll start focusing on mileage. because i’m still slow, 2.5 miles will take me longer than 25 minutes, so i will run until i’ve gone the mileage called for. but i’m almost there! so excited!


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