day 15

today’s workout (W5D3) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then jog 20 minutes with no walking.

stats: time 39:23; distance 2.56 miles; calories 425; pace 15:21 (max of 10:39); heartrate average 153, max 181.

thoughts: I DID IT! i am SO excited (and still on an endorphin high). had you asked me in november if i’d be able to run 20 minutes without a single walk step, i’d have laughed at you. don’t get me wrong, it was hard and i was slow, but i did it, and i’m pumped.

the pace in my calculations has not been representative of my actual running pace–because i walk after i finish my run usually for about 30 minutes, that speed is considered in my pace. i looked at cardiotrainer when i had just finished my run (at the beginning of  my short walk (i had a number of things to do today that required i shorten it)) and calculated that my pace was just shy of 14 minutes (13:50). so while it’s slow, it’s not nearly as bad as i had feared.

today was a huge milestone and i actually feel like i can do this now!

i hope yall are doing well!


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