day 9

good morn!

today’s workout (W3D3) from c25k: two repetitions of the following: jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes

stats: time 40:48; distance 2.57 miles; calories 366; pace 15:52 (max of 8:51); heartrate average 140, max 176

thoughts: so after having run for three weeks, i’ve decided that i have to hit a misery wall before each run becomes fun. said misery wall is after i start running. the first set or two are always, without fail, miserable. i breathe really hard, my heart beats super fast, and i hate everything, particularly running. and then at some point, that hatred dissipates and running ain’t so bad. if only the misery wall would be early on in the run, maybe this could turn into something i legitimately enjoy.

i’m beyond terrified kind of scared for week 4 (5 minute jogs? only 90 second breaks? holy hell), but my new knowledge about this misery wall makes it seem not quite as daunting.

how are your runs going?


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