day 7

hellooo! currently watching the bronco game with some pretty tired legs.

today’s workout (W3D1) from c25k: two repetitions of the following: jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes

stats: time 1:03:34; distance 3.81 miles; calories 506; pace 16:24 (max of 8:38); heartrate average 130, max 177

thoughts: holy moly this was a big step up from week two. i had considered doing another day of the week two workout, but this morning i woke up ready to do week three, so i did. it’s funny, last week i thought 90 seconds was insane and this week i was all about it (even before the grueling 3 minute sets). i went on a new path today, a paved path that goes for miles around town, past a few lakes, and gorgeous views. see:


the view made it super not suck. (and yes, in colorado they plow bike/walking paths) though i hated the music on the podcast this week. the voiceover is so supportive, but the music is not my cup of tea at all. must learn how to make my own podcasts.

up next: W3D2! the second days of each week have been nice, so i’m foolishly looking forward to it.


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