day 5

today’s workout (W2D2) from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then alternate 90 seconds of jogging and two minutes of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

statstime 1:07:45; distance 3.94 miles; calories 519; pace 17:32 (max of 8:30); heartrate average 134, max 219

thoughts: several things were different today. first, the HR monitor was WHACK. kept losing my HR even though the strap was exactly where it has been every time i’ve used it. it’s not possible that my HR got to 219 or dropped to 50 (as it said at one point). i would be dead were it either of those rates. hopefully it’ll be back to normal next time.

second, and perhaps more pertinent, i had to wear “normal” running shoes today. my feet hurt throughout my run monday and haven’t stopped hurting since. not simply fat-girl-starting-to-exercise pain, but deep, damaging-feeling pain. i broke four bones in my right foot in 2005 from riding and don’t want to mess with that again. since i’m trying to listen to my body more, i decided to try and help my feet by wearing more supportive shoes. i still focused on mid-foot striking instead of the dreaded heel-strike, just with a bit more support. and you know what? my feet didn’t hurt as much while running.

and finally, the run sets didn’t suck so much today. i was slow again and 90 seconds kind of feels like a lifetime, but before i knew it the 6 sets were over and i was back to walking.

next workout: the weather here has been insanely gorgeous for november–we’ve had lots of days in the 50s and 60s recently. but alas, as good things are wont to do, it is going away. a big front is coming in tonight and we’re supposed to get anywhere from 4-8 inches of snow, which complicates my plans for my W2D3. i run on dirt trails outside (i’m convinced the treadmill is the tool of the devil) so weather is an issue. i’ll just play it by ear.

excitement: since starting c25k last week, i’ve gone 21.7 miles! i’m really excited about turning this into a habit.


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