i figured i’d be a tad sore today, but holy MOLY my calves hurt this morning. i had to shuffle to the bathroom when i got out of bed this morning. but i’m grateful to have this type of soreness–it means i’m doing something right. đŸ˜‰ i went for a little walk this morning to loosen things out and get my heart going a bit. i took everything with me that i did yesterday (cardiotracker on my droid, ipod (though no c25k podcast today), vibrams, heart rate monitor) and was just interested in the differences between the run/walk exercise and just a regular walk (though faster than a stroll).

stats: time 35:47; distance 1.94 miles; calories 243; pace 18:24; heartrate average 119, max 141 (i remembered to log my workout!).

the heart rate monitor counts calories and i figure it’s more accurate than cardiotracker (which said i burned 218), because its calculations are based on HR rather than just height/weight. from now on, i’ll be using my HRM to use for calories rather than cardiotracker (i’ll take those extra 25 calories thankyouverymuch).

tangent: it really bothers me when news reports on obesity show people who are morbidly obese. everyone knows that 400 pounds is obese. but people with my height and weight are considered obese on the BMI scale, yet you never see that on the news. 30 pounds ago i would’ve appreciated seeing someone who is 200 pounds be marked as obese. it would’ve set off warning signals. instead, my thoughts were, “oh i’m faaaaaar away from that, i’m totally fine” when in fact i wasn’t. i certainly don’t blame others for my weight, but i think it’s irresponsible to show only 400 pounders as obese.

goal: i have a number of goals in transitioning into a healthier life, one of which is to stop drinking soda. this totally sucks because i love diet dr. pepper, but that crap is so bad for you. i’m not saying i’ll never drink it again (ie: special occasions and when i fly (fight off motion sickness)), but i currently drink 1-2 per day and will switch to water, iced tea, or coffee during the day. this will be a daunting task, but a needed one.

tomorrow: W1D2 of c25k!


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