lose & thrive

welcome to lose & thrive. a fitness blog, but not your average fitness blog. my purpose in starting it isn’t to get followers and friends (though i wouldn’t say no to either), rather my purpose is to have a place to document this journey in my life.

my goals:

  • to return to a healthy life. i care less about the number on the scale and more about how i feel, about the shape my body is in. i was healthy (more or less) as a child, but never developed healthy eating habits. then i went off to college (where i drank) and then to law school (where i was sedentary) and somewhere along the way developed a need for an excuse for everything.
  • lose pounds, inches, excuses, bad attitude. i’m sick of being a jerk all the time (which the endorphins ought to help with), i’m sick of feeling awful about myself all the time. i can do better, i simply must demand better from myself.
  • thrive. i love to sail, ski, and ride horses. not a single one of those activities is welcoming to fat people. i want to do what i love again in a healthy body. i want to not get winded after minimal exertion. to borrow from thoreau, i want to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life. and it’s pretty dang hard to do that while carrying around so much extra weight.

my plan:

  • develop healthy eating habits. i currently live with my parents who aren’t terribly interested in eating healthily. but, i do most of the cooking, so i can direct our eating habits to a certain degree. i don’t believe in following the latest fad (though i’m trying REALLY hard to get my parents on the quinoa wagon), but i do believe the goal should be more whole, less processed foods. it’s hard, but necessary.
  • exercise. notice i didn’t say “more.” shameful, i know. i’m starting with couch to 5k. i’ve tried it before and never been very excited about it, but i don’t have a whole lot of money, running is cheap, and i’m genuinely excited about it this time (i hate that i have to use the phrase “this time”).
  • barefoot running. one of the excuses i’ve had over the years has been pain. after a good amount of research, i’ve decided to make the switch from overcushioned running shoes to vibram five fingers. i initially got a pair for sailing (the KSOs grip very well) and have decided to transition them to the rest of my life. in this way, pain will be evident quickly and a whole host of other benefits will be realized. if you want to learn more, there is plenty on the web and the best study is one from harvard. in starting my new journey, i have not been able to find beginner runners starting with vibrams. there are plenty of barefoot blogs and plenty of beginner blogs, but no combination.

so welcome! join me in my new effort to lose & thrive!


About firecracker

ginger. lawyer. libertarian. prep. sailor. equestrian. asshole. big, big nerd. @dks2008 on twitter || firecracking.wordpress.com and firecracking.tumblr.com on the webz
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