day 1

today i started the first day of my journey. i’ve been intending to for ages, but here we are.

i’m doing couch to 5k (a 9 week program designed to take you from inactive to 5k running shape). i’m super out of shape, so i may not be running a 5k in 9 weeks, but i’d quite like to and am fastidiously trying. instead of thinking about it in a 9 week chunk (which is daunting), i am focusing on today and this week. today i ran, tomorrow i’ll walk and then run again wednesday and friday. short term–that i can do.

i’m using podcasts from carli over at running into shape. a high octane playlist plays music and is accompanied by a sound overlay telling you when to walk and when to run. it’s much better for me as i don’t have to look at my watch and count down. instead, i can look down at my heart rate monitor (an older version of this) and track my heart, which seems to be much more enjoyable and productive.

today’s workout from c25k: brisk five-minute warmup walk. then alternate 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for a total of 20 minutes.

my modifications: it took me a while to de-discombobulate (aka get my shit together), so my warmup walk ended up being about 20 minutes. rather than making a loop of the run, i walked and did my run on a trail. when i finished the workout, i turned around and walked back.

stats: time 1:03:38; distance 3.53 miles; calories 387; pace 18:01 (max 8:07); heartrate 150-180 (forgot to actually log it, so while i was studying it throughout, i don’t know the specifics).

tools: aforementioned podcast (on my ipod); cardiotrainer (on my android–tracked my route and some info, though it doesn’t seem terribly accurate with my pace and calories); aforementioned heart rate monitor (chest strap + watch); vibram KSOs.

thoughts: not nearly as bad as expected. loved the podcast–made the run dramatically easier. i’m trying to figure out the best way (ie: midfoot or ball strike) to run in the vibrams, so i alternated. midfoot seemed much easier, but ball seemed to be more powerful. i’ll continue to test the different methods. 10 hours later i’m getting sore (and imagine tomorrow i’ll be quite sore), but i’m happy with day 1.



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