still humid, still miserable

today’s run was atrocious. i got a cramp about 15 minutes in and it made the rest of my run just awful. i kept having to take walking breaks because it hurt so bad. and i haven’t had a running cramp since i started running! it’s particularly unfortunate considering i was putting in a great run until then.

statstime 47:45; distance 3.36 miles; calories 505; pace 14:12 (max 10:06); heartrate average 153, max 176.

i used mapmyrun after reading a glowing review from hank. i really like it! it captured my pace and shows my splits, which cardiotrainer doesn’t! and i get this snazzy little chart. you can see in the pace chart where things go bad for me right around 15 minutes. i didn’t want to walk at all, but i kept feeling like i was being stabbed right under my ribs, which is not conducive to a good run.

i don’t want to wish the rain away as we so desperately need it, but hopefully it won’t be as humid for a while. i’d love for my sweat to evaporate!

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humidity is now my nemesis

good morning! i didn’t go for a run yesterday morning (i was exhausted), so i got up this morning and went. it rained all night so it was insanely humid–way too uncomfortable for a colorado girl. i pretty much thought i was going to die throughout the entire run, but i had already committed to running farther than i’ve been and didn’t want to wuss out. i’m glad now, but boy was it a challenge.

stats: time 56:56; distance 4.24 miles; calories 701; pace 13:25; heartrate average 170, max 183.

i am thrilled with the results! it never once felt easy, probably because of the humidity and the fact that my sweat wouldn’t evaporate. but i didn’t realize i had improved my pace so much! a further distance and a faster pace makes me a very, very happy girl. and my heartrate wasn’t much different than it has been! i walked for about two minutes at my turn around point but ran the rest of the time. and to burn 700 calories before 8am is an awesome feeling.

you people in humid climates: how on earth do you run in that? i like my sweat to evaporate and to not feel like i’m swimming while running.

ETA: the reason i don’t have a max pace is that i tried a new app today: runkeeper. it’s okay, but doesn’t let me analyze my pace after i complete the run, which i particularly dislike. cardiotrainer allows you to do that, so i think i’ll return to it.

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this week


i didn’t run at all last week, ewps. the wildfires have made air quality exceptionally poor, so i’ve been hesitant to go out and run lest i have an issue with my asthma. however, i went out monday and then again this morning. i have plans to go either friday or saturday. unfortunately my phone is having some major issues (reboot cycles from 2am until 5am or so daily), so i haven’t been able to use my cardio trainer app (it shows me my pace and distance, among other things). i stayed on the same path i’ve been going on so i could determine the mileage.


stats: time 44:17; distance 3.10; calories 510; heartrate average 160, max 173.

thoughts: this is getting easier!


stats: time 46:30; distance 3.20; calories 540; heartrate average 158, max 185.

thoughts: since monday was so much easier i decided to work on my glacial pace and do some intervals. holy shit i thought i was going to die. i know these things take time, but i’d like to stop with the 14 minute miles and get to a more respectable pace.


have you had any good runs this week?

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this morning’s jaunt

stats: time 44:48; distance 3.20; calories 555; pace 13:57 (max of 10:02); heartrate average 167, max 205 (ewps).

the hardest part is definitely getting into the routine. once i’ve convinced myself that i’ll go, it’s not so bad. went today with my brother and his girlfriend–probably went a touch faster than i would have on my own, but i’m happy with my heart rate and my pace. i have a regatta this weekend, so i’m not sure if i’ll run before i head to the lake either saturday or sunday, but i’d like to. i know for a fact that if i don’t go in the morning, i won’t go after i get back. i’ll just play it by ear i suppose.

i have to say, i’m really happy with how easy getting back on track has been. i assumed that after not running for so long i’d have to start over and be miserable all the time, but that just isn’t the case. i’m sure it helps that i’ve dropped more than 20 pounds since the last time i ran, but i definitely feel better running.

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slow and steady

stats: time 43:34; distance 3.11; calories 541; pace 14:03 (max of 9:59); heartrate average 166, max 179.

better heartrate numbers + better average pace = i’m happy.

this was tuedsay morning (i finally got up early to go!) and i’m planning on going out tomorrow morning before work. it didn’t feel easy, but it’s the best run, numbers wise, i’ve had since i started up again. hoping to continue the trend!

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at least i ran the whole thing?

so i totally failed this past week in running during the week. in my defense, some weird things happened at the house (ie: thursday night/friday in the hospital with my dad) but, otherwise i just suck. i have to figure something out quickly because i really want to get better at running, which requires i run more. one of the nice things about getting up for work so early is that i naturally get up early on the weekends. 5:30 yesterday! it was nice because i was so well rested and able to get tons of stuff done before noon. i got up and went for a run first thing and only saw 3 other people out (wait until 10am on that path and you can’t spit without hitting someone).

statstime 43:16; distance 3.05 miles; calories 545; pace 14:10 (max of 9:31); heartrate average 172, max 184.

my goal was to run the entire time and keep an eye on my heartrate. after a brief walking warmup, i ran nearly the whole time (with a 30 second walking break at my turnaround point to take a peek at the GPS on my phone). i knew i’d be slow, but i wanted to just run. i accomplished what i set out to do, so i’m happy. i’ll work at getting faster the more i run.

big news! i got fitted for running shoes this week! i went to boulder running company and they did video gait analysis of my running style. as a result, i’m the proud new owner of brooks adrenaline gts 12. they were great yesterday, so hopefully they’ll continue to be so.

even bigger news! i’ve decided i’m going to train to do a half marathon with my brother in october! a number of things may keep me from making the trip to australia and competing in that race, but i’m still going to train for it and be able to run 13.1 on october 14th even if it’s not in the southern hemisphere. i’m really excited! hal higdon’s half marathon plan looks manageable. it’s 12 weeks, which means i have 5 weeks until i need to start it, so i have some time to work on my speed and getting in a little better shape. i may start a few weeks early and extend the plan, but we’ll see.

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when i was doing the couch to 5k program, i was unemployed, so i didn’t have a real excuse as to not running in the mornings. now that i have a job, i get up between 4:30 and 5 in the mornings and just cannot imagine getting up any earlier to run. by the time i get home at night, it’s hot and i don’t want to run at all. but i’d rather get up and run than regret not running all the time, so i’ll just have to rearrange my schedule.

my brother’s home from australia for a few weeks and took me with him on his run this morning. he’s faster than i am, so i let him go ahead about 2 miles in, but it was fun and i’m glad he took me!

statstime 47:04; distance 3.05 miles; calories 588; pace 15:24 (max of 8:42); heartrate average 169, max 187.

i ran for a touch over 2 of those miles. definitely felt pushed to run more than i may have, but it felt great. this coming week i’ll just have to get up earlier to go for runs. i really want to get into running. losing weight makes running seem easier than it was before. so i just need to get consistently back into running and start hal higdon’s program. i may be absolutely batshit, but i figured it wouldn’t hurt to try. and i’m much better once i get on a training program as it pushes me not to cheat and to be sure to get out.

still loving my diet. down 20.8 pounds!

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